Your Step-By-Step Guide To Putting A Horseshoe -

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Putting A Horseshoe

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Putting A Horseshoe

Horses are unique animals. Their utility and functionality to humans are manifold and spread over time. Be it transportation, carrying soldiers on the battlefield, or recreation, horses have proved their essentiality to the humans with their powerful feet, which involves a horseshoe.

Just like all other animals, horses also need to be taken care of. Caring and grooming a horse is an essential part of keeping your horse healthy. Putting a horseshoe is also an important aspect of getting a horse ready for a riding endeavor. Here is how you can get your horse prepared by putting a horseshoe on its feet.

Your Guide to Putting a Horseshoe

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Putting A Horseshoe

As the name suggests, a horseshoe is a U-shaped metallic wearable for the horses. Horseshoe is basically nailed into the horse’s feet to protect it from dirt, dust other sharp objects.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to put a horseshoe :

  1. Cleaning the toe: The first step is to clean the horse’s hoof so that it is free for all mud and dust. Otherwise, dirt can get trapped between the toe and metallic shoes.
  • Selecting the right horseshoe: The second step is to get the right-sized metallic horseshoe. The shoe should not be too large, not too small, and must perfectly superimpose over the horse’s toe. For this, you can get a customized one made for your horse. Moreover, you can also select horseshoes from those already available in the market for different breeds of horses.
  • Fitting the horseshoe: Once you have found the right-sized horseshoe, you are now ready to fit it into the horse’s hoof.

Placing The Shoe

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Putting A Horseshoe

Place it over the bottom portion of the horse’s toe and make necessary adjustments. Now, take a nail and fit it in the holes provided in it. Now, gently drive the nail into the horse’s toe until it gets fitted properly.

Drive two more nails, one at the opposite end of the hoof and one at the center of the hoof. Do not drive too many nails into the horse’s toe unnecessarily. Similarly, place horseshoes on the other toes as well.

  • Bending the excess nail: Once the nail is driven, bend the excess nail ending by a hammer in a sideways pattern. This will make it easier to draw the nail back when removing the horseshoes.
  • The benefits of making your horse wear a horseshoe: Horseshoe is not a show-accessory. Despite the religious significance attached to it by different communities, here is how it is beneficial for your horse.

The most significant function performed by the horse is running. It is important to protect a horse’s hoof from harmful and sharp objects. To protect the horse’s hoof and provide shock absorbency, horseshoes are used.

 Although a horse’s hoof is made of thick protein called keratin, but to elevate the problem of worn-out horse hooves, horseshoes are used.


Grooming and caring for a horse is essential to ensure the overall health of your pet. Putting horseshoes to a horse’s hoof is one aspect of it. If you go on a long ride on rough terrain, then it is essential to put horseshoes on your horse’s toe. It not only provides safety of the horse’s hoof but also ensures its good health.

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