What Professional Veterinarians Will Tell You About Gelding -

What Professional Veterinarians Will Tell You About Gelding

What Professional Veterinarians Will Tell You About Gelding

Wait for a second, what’s a gelding? You may ask. Good question, reader. The verb refers to the castration of a male horse to control the reproduction of horses. This way, you can manage to feed the already existing horses.

What Professional Veterinarians Will Tell You About Gelding

Human beings are extraordinary creatures from others in the world today. A human being has sexual control, unlike animals. For example, a couple may consensually agree to practice family planning. Planning aims to prevent procreation of too many offspring to the point that you can’t fend for them. Horses cannot think or reason. Therefore, as a horse owner, it’s your responsibility to control the rate of reproduction. The most effective way is to geld your male horses.

Are There Any Benefits of Gelding?

Almost everything in life has pros and cons. The gelding is not excluded from this rule of life. Below are some of the benefits of castrating your horse after some time.

To control the population of horses; If left alone, horses can reproduce dramatically and soon become a nuisance to the owner. To avoid this, the owner is advised to consider gelding the male horse. However, castration does not prevent the horse from mating; it only hinders the flow of semen into the mare.

Thus the mare cannot reproduce owing to the absence of male reproductive cells. Remember that the gestation period of a horse is less than a year. Imagine the number of horses you’ll have by the end of each year. You’ll be overwhelmed.

To prevent fights between male horses; Most male horses get agitated when another male mates ‘its preferred mare.’ It contributes to multiple battles that could end up hurting either or both horses. Castration helps to minimize desire for sex; hence, the animals can co-exist peacefully.

The horses can co-exist in a stable together; One of the main reasons that compel owners to construct different studs is to separate males and female horses. Gelding helps to minimize sexual desire. Thus, the animals can live together in a herd.

The Dark Side of Gelding

What Professional Veterinarians Will Tell You About Gelding

The surgery could claim the life of the male horse; If an inexperienced person conducts the operation, tragedy is not far away. The horse could die from over bleeding or infection.

The gelding is expensive; There are very few experienced veterinary officers in most countries. Therefore, to get such a service means that you’ll have to dig deep in your pocket.

The procedure is permanent; Let nobody lie to you that castration is reversible. Besides, even if it were, it would be too risky also to try. Therefore, take time to think hard before considering this medical procedure for your horse. You may want more pigs soon.


In conclusion, it behooves the owner to weigh between the pros and cons carefully. If the advantages are more than cons for you, then, by all means, go for the gelding. On the other hand, if the disadvantages are more than the merits, don’t expose your horse to such anguish. Horse owners are advised to seek the advice of a professional veterinary before making up their minds.

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