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What Is The Best Horseback Riding Gear

horseback riding gear

If you plan to spend time in the saddle, it is important that you invest in some good horseback riding gear. You will want the following:

A good saddle should be one of the first horseback riding gear items that you purchase. It should fit properly and securely. It is also important that you choose a saddle in which you are most comfortable when riding. A proper fit saddle will help you prevent back problems and lower back injuries.

An Overview

Horseback Riding

A comfortable saddle is also essential if you plan to participate in any off-road riding. The saddle you choose should allow you to relax and not feel constrained at all. Comfort and convenience should be your first priority. It’s also a good idea to purchase a padded saddle to ensure your comfort and safety. Be sure that you get your sun exposure in through a good protective hat or visor. Sun exposure can cause discomfort and a sunburn if you’re not careful.

A quality saddle pad will help protect your skin from chafing and sores. Sore skin can lead to infections and sore spots. When you’re out in the saddle, skin irritation can occur from friction and rubbing. This irritation can cause pain and discomfort, which is why saddle pads are so helpful. When you remove yourself from the saddle, a horseback ride feels much more natural and relaxing. If the pad is too loose or torn, however, you may have difficulty breathing and this can lead to discomfort.

Best Horseback Riding Gear

Horseback Riding

Proper boots are a necessity for proper horseback riding. If the boot is too loose or ill fitting, the rider will not have adequate support for his or her legs and this can lead to discomfort. If the chaps or socks worn are not up to par, horseback riding can become painful and difficult. Good, quality, comfortable boots will provide support and will help avoid soreness.

The most important piece of apparel for horseback riding is the helmet. Helmets today are more protective than ever and come in a variety of styles. Many are hardwired to provide maximum protection from the sun exposure and flying debris. While this doesn’t mean that they will protect against all danger, they are designed to offer maximum comfort and safety. These helmets should always be kept in a clean, waxed box for daily wear. Most of the better helmets today have integrated clips or other attachments that make them easy to take with you.

Another important piece of horseback riding gear is riding pants. Pants are essential for a number of reasons. First, pants can give you much needed support and protection from the elements. Second, pants will prevent your extremities from getting caught in saddlebags or on the tack. Finally, pants will keep you comfortable so you can concentrate on the riding. Saddle pads can be useful for those cold winter nights but unless you are riding in a very sheltered location with plenty of sunlight, a pad is not necessary.

Horseback riding apparel can be purchased at any horseback riding equipment dealer and in some cases online. It is a good idea to do a little research ahead of time to ensure you have the correct gear. Once you have bought everything that you need, it is time to practice, ride and relax. There is nothing worse than getting caught up in the moment and not being safe. As long as you follow all the rules of horseback riding safety, you will have a great time and feel secure.

One of the most popular items among horseback riders are riding breeches and chaps. Breeches and chaps are an absolute must-have for any rodeo enthusiast. Horse riding chaps are made of special material that wicks away moisture while also preventing any sweat from forming. This is a very important safety measure because sweat can easily lead to a run in the rawhide.

Bottom Line

To complete your horseback riding gear, you’ll want to make sure tack covers go around the boots. Tack goes around the back of the boot for both cold and warmth purposes. And don’t forget your helmet! To complete your equestrian gear, make sure tack covers go around the boots.

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