The Welsh Pony -

The Welsh Pony

The Welsh Pony

Welsh pony is a breed of a small horse. The origin of this horse is told to be European, first bred in Saxony. It portrays the traces of Arabian Horses. It is known to be the children’s pony and has been used for the harness as well as stuff. Welsh pony is known to be taller than the Shetland pony.

Also, the Welsh pony is a hardy breed, which is grown in the Welsh mountains. After this, we know where the name came from. People say welsh pony was used in coal mines. They have black in color. Also, they are known for their intelligence and good disposition. They are known to a mare with Hackney Stallions.

History of Welsh Pony

The Welsh Pony

As per sources, the welsh pony can be traced back to 1600 BC. Bands of ponies use to run over the moorland as well as leap the ravines and climb the mountains. The reason the ponies developed as a hardy breed was the harsh climate they faced.

Moreover, it was not confined just too harsh climate there was no shelter, and the sources to food were limited too. So, no doubt they were transformed. They were once bred with the Arabs, but that did not take away their unique features. It was in 1884 when welsh ponies left the welsh mountains and were imported to the USA.


They were put to varied uses, from coal mines to postal routes to mounted infantry. They were also used in the war for transporting the guns to places where vehicles can’t go. Presently they are driving ponies for adults. They are also used in riding, hunting, and jumping.

Also, they are used as dressage because of their show of talent at the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) level competition for driving. They were also used as the dock’s carthorses.

Welsh Pony and Cob

The Welsh Pony

They are a group of four-horse breeds. these four horses are distinguished on the basis of height, riding type, mountain pony. Basically, there are four sections:

  • Section A: Welsh Mountain Pony
  • Part B: Welsh Pony of riding type 
  • Section C: Welsh Pony of Cob Type 
  • Section D: Welsh Cob

These breeds are known for their hardiness as well as temperament.

Presently in contemporary times, it is popularly used for riding, trekking, trail riding, and show jumping too. The smaller welsh ponies are popular amongst the kids.

The one common thing in all four welsh ponies is that they have a small head and big eyes. This is their unique selling point to make in the show business. They also have sloped shoulders and strong hindquarters. The tail is known to be a high set. The breed ranges from 11 hands to 16 hands. Black, grey, and chestnut but not piebald or leopard-spotted.

They sped fast and bold, especially at trot. They are known for being intelligent and trustworthy. They have great stamina and temperament too.


It originated from welsh mountains. They had a long journey from those mountains to the British war to the coal mines as well as riding and dressages. They have trained in harsh climates.

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