Preparing For a Horseback Ride on the Beach

horseback riding on the beach

Horseback riding in the sand has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your level of experience. For safety reasons, such as when going for competition, most of these stables will let you trot or walk but not actually run the horses. If your idea of horseback riding on the beach includes riding through the surf, be certain that this is also permitted. If you want to ride without risk, it is best to stick to trails or sand dunes.

Tips for a Horseback Ride on a Beach

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There are some basic items needed for a comfortable and enjoyable beach ride. A top piece of clothing that is waterproof is helpful, as is a hat and ear protectors. Helmet, goggles, gloves and a proper riding suit are all necessities when riding on the sand. Some riders like to bring extra paddles and paddling gear so they can enjoy the sand without having to constantly replace water. A small folding camping table is also a great addition to any equestrian campers gear and can be used for eating, drinking and setting up tents if need be.

Horseback riders in northeast Florida are often looking for exotic rides that are not typical to Florida. Horseback riding in the sand of Northeast Florida presents a unique opportunity for riders to experience the sport in a different way. Most equestrians that have been riding in Florida for any length of time have probably ridden through the panhandle of the Everglades and the southern end of Lake Lanier, but many riders simply want a change of pace. Beach riding in Florida offers that change of pace and can be a memorable experience for both beginners and professionals alike.

Northeast Florida is abundant in natural preserves and wildlife. Many horse riding enthusiasts find the perfect spot for their vacation in Florida to be located within easy traveling distance of one or more natural preserves. Hunters often traverse the state during the summer months and will head out to the far west corner of the panhandle to hunt deer, armadillos, several species of sea turtles and several kinds ofigators. Many hunters will take advantage of the wildlife that is abundant in this area and many will take advantage of the local guides and outfitters. Guides can help guide hunters to the best hunting spots and can usually provide the hunter with a comfortable sitting area while on a hunt.

Horseback riding on the beaches of Florida does require a bit of planning and preparation. The first thing to do is determine which areas you will want to ride through. Once you have chosen which beaches you would like to ride through you will want to check into the best locations for riding on these beautiful beaches. You should contact the tourism office in your area and see what beach is best suited for horseback riding on the beach. The tourism office may be able to help you determine which beaches to ride through based on current water temperatures and weather conditions. In addition, the tourist office may also be able to recommend other attractions and activities that are available along the water that may be of interest to you as a horseback rider.

Once you have decided on the specific beaches you would like to ride through you will want to check into the different kinds of rides and obstacles that are available for horseback riding on the beaches. Typically there are two kinds of riding you can choose to partake in while on the beaches. Most beaches offer a variety of riding styles such as sandbagging, riding through sand, riding through surf, and down hills. Some beaches even have competition riding available. If you are interested in participating in competition beach riding, contact the tourism office for your area and make the necessary arrangements. The rules and regulations vary from beach to beach, so it is best to contact the tourism office in your area for more information.

The next tip to planning the perfect horseback ride is to check out the availability of ferries and planes near the location of where you would like to take your trip. Depending on which destination you choose to visit, some locations may not have any form of transportation available to travelers. In these cases, enlist the help of a travel agent or the internet in order to find a boat or plane that will take you where you want to go. There are plenty of resources online that provide information about ferries and planes that are available to tourists and travelers in your local area.

End Note

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Finally, in addition to making sure all of your transportation options are taken care of, you will also need to be sure you have the right clothing for the trip. Most beaches welcome individuals with all types of clothing and accessories including shorts, shirts, and sandals. Typically, the riding ranches in which tourists like to participate in their activities have a variety of choices available for clothing. However, if you plan on riding in the deep blue ocean, it is important to wear attire designed for this type of weather. In addition, if you plan to travel during cold winter months, purchasing a full-body riding outfit will allow you to stay warm and look great while enjoying the many rides on the California beach that are available to you.

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