How Much Does the Average Horse Weight

average horse weight

Horse weight is frequently asked by equine breeders and horse owners alike. The average horse or domestic horse nowadays is a domesticated, one-hoofed, mammal known as a horse. It belongs to the genus Equidae which is one of nine extinct species in the entire subfamily Equidae.

Historically, draft horses were used for transportation, but in recent years, they have been utilized for various purposes such as stabled boarding, stable work, or used for hunting and herding. They are also sometimes employed in agricultural applications such as on a farm or near an alfalfa field.

While a Draft horse may not be the right animal for your needs if you are looking for that very special purpose, there are other less expensive breeds that will still fulfill your purpose. However, due to their small size, they are also not very easy to take good care of and exercise requirements are minimal.

Tracking Weight

A brown horse standing next to a fence

When asking, “how much does a horse weigh?” It is best to determine your own weight and compare it with the weight of the adult horse. To obtain an adult horse weight estimate, it is recommended to use a digital scale, preferably one that is calibrated in pounds. Most scales can display the milgrain and tack weight on a separate scale, allowing the rider to clearly see the difference between these two elements.

If you would like to know how much does the average horse weight depend upon age, sex, and breed, you can obtain this information from the American Society for Nutrition website. Using this scale, you can find out how many pounds of pure meat an adult horse can weigh and then multiply that figure by the age, sex, and breed to get the weight in pounds. This will give you an idea of how much your horse will weigh when it reaches its mature years.


A horse standing on top of a grass covered field

Another way to get an idea of how much does the average horse weigh is to determine its height and girth. You will need two measurements, the height and girth of the animal. A tape measure should be used to determine the measurements as it will be difficult to get an exact estimate by simply eyeballing the animal. The best method to measure these measurements is to strap a string between your hand and the bottom of the animal, which should reach the belly button.

Next, take a string, tape it around the withers, and measure how far the string extends from the withers to the ground. This will give you the Overall Body Weight. Now multiply the Overall Body Weight by the number of inches you have added to the withers for the horse to get the pounds per inch. Note that you must add this to the body weight to get the pounds per gallon to get the weight of the ridden animal.

Finally, you will need to know the girth or length of the animal. Measure the horse’s shoulder at the top of the withers, which will be about hip height. Then measure the shoulder width at the shoulders, which will be about hip width. Finally, add these measurements together for the Overall Girth or length of the horse.

You can keep your horses in good health and shape with the right diet and exercise. Knowing how much the average horse weighs will help you determine what kind of feed your horse needs. Feed your animals high quality hay, oats, and grains.

Wrapping Up

Make sure they are regularly brushed. It is also important to allow them to go outside to enjoy fresh air and to burn off all the extra calories they may have accumulated.

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