Andalusian Horse: The Spanish Horse

Andalusian Horse: The Spanish Horse

Andalusian Horse is a breed of horses that originated in Spain. Their origin is also known as the Iberian peninsula. They were first accepted as a breed in the mid-1400s. They are medium-sized horses, have a powerfully built body, and a perfect arched neck.

These pure Spanish horses are generally coated in grey or bay colors. However, more than one-third of the Andalusian horse’s breed is grey colored.

Andalusian Horse; The Spanish Horse

They were greatly used for collection and wars. Also, they are bred for pleasure horse riding. Their agility, as well as flexibility, made them the perfect breed to be used during battles.


  • The Andalusian horses have big as well as expressive beautiful eyes, straight profile, bright nostrils, delicate lips, and strong and muscular cheeks.
  • These horses are very agile and flexible.
  • Their body is round, as well as shoulders are long with softly curved haunches.
  • Their neck is curvy and muscular. It is powerful and flexible. It creates a signature profile for their breed.
  • The horse elegantly carries its head as well as the neck.
  • They have well-built and strong legs with heavy bones.
  • Their hooves are round in shape and hard.
  • Their hairs are straight, but waves and curls are commonly seen too.

Why are they Used?

Andalusian horses are still used for driving, pleasure riding, and even jumping horses. These horses have excellent athletic abilities and take commands properly. They show great extension, elevation, as well as cadence.

Also, they can perform dressage moves. They can participate in jumping events and also in western racing. Out of all the Spanish breed of horses, only the Andalusian horses were able to break records as well as become famous in the whole world. Their good looks and amazing temperament contributed to this.


Andalusian Horse; The Spanish Horse

The Andalusian horses played an important part in the history of Spain. Initially, they were used as a cavalry horse to show bravery and agility in the wars. Then, they were used as a symbol to represent an advanced Spain.

They got recognition through the cave paintings created in Andalusia. Their breed was then adored and respected by Carthusian monks. But they were stolen by the army of powerful king Napoleon, and then the breed of horses entered Europe. They are new for Americans as they were exported from Spain only after 1962.

But until the 1960s also they were in huge demand and very expensive. Currently, their breed is recognized by the whole world, and they are quite popular ones.

The Popularity of Andalusian Horse

Andalusian horses are often seen in movies and shows. Their intelligence, elegance, calmness, ability to be trained perfectly, and their amazing beauty are some reasons behind their display in movies.

Although they are very expensive, still their demand is high. Many people want to buy the breed for their interest and passion for horse-riding.

What is the Life Expectancy of Andalusian Horse?

Andalusian horses are considered amongst the purest horse breeds of Spain. They are in high demand but are not available easily. They come under the endangered category. They were very few in numbers until 2000. In general, they are expected to live for 25 years. However, the number can go beyond that.

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