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About Horse & Hound

About Horse & Hound

We have all come across the term horse riding or horseback riding, but that is not all we must be aware of. The term does not restrain into its accurate meaning only but also comprises the self-restraints of driving, riding, or vaulting with horses. We need to know more about the function of the horse and hound.

Here the person we are looking out for is an ‘Equestrian,’ and the responsibilities of an equestrian include the use of horses for recreational activities, transportation or working purposes, competitive sport, and artistic or cultural exercises.

About Horse & Hound

All of this must sound fascinating, imaginably to an animal lover; but does this description completely explains the kind of duties these horse and hound jobs are expecting? Can anyone apply for an equestrian? Or requires a separate educational degree?   

Well, the answer to all of this has been compiled up in brief in this very article. So if you are in search of the right place then you must be well prepared for what you are signing up for by the end of this article.

Equestrian Activities

The duty performed by an equestrian involves a depth understanding of the animal in question. Horses and jockeyed for several working drives as in regulatory herd animals on a ranch or police work. These animals are also qualified for modest sports, including endurance riding, vaulting, reining, polo, horse racing, and eventing, etc.

These events are grouped together in a wide variety of disciplines at horse shows. The non-competitive recreational activity involves hacking, trail riding, or fox hunting. Horses, even used for therapeutic purposes for human emotions as well as health development. Is this the kind of horse and hound job one is expecting?

International Disciplines

About Horse & Hound

Governed by the Global Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI); equestrian events, included in the modern Olympics for the very first time in 1900. By 1912, Eventing, Show Jumping, and Dressage, the three Olympic disciplines that still today saw as a part of the games. The additional non-Olympic disciplines internationally sanctioned by the FEI include reining, vaulting, endurance, as well as combined driving.

These proceedings, a part of the FEI World Equestrian Games held every four years. Horseball, as well as Tent, attaching the two provincial disciplines recognized by the FEI. These horse and hound opportunities one eagerly looks out for having been provided with effective international recognition and importance, which paves the path for the individual.

Criticisms on Horse and Hound

After we have looked out for all the fascinating activities one would have enrolled himself/herself in; signing in as an equestrian; it is time we are faced with the harsh claims on these horse and hound jobs. Horse Racing, a popular equestrian sport around the world, completely associated with intense gambling.

And when the stakes reach out to the maximum, though mostly illegal, the extreme competitiveness often leads to the use of performance-enhancing drugs, which in result harms the animals’ well-being. A report by an animal welfare group claims deaths of approx 375 racehorses yearly, either due to race injuries or excessive drug usage or claims of animal cruelty.

These horses are social herd animals and great learners. So the master must mentor it with extreme delicacy as well as love, making sure the horse and hound jobs are beneficial for the herd that one has enrolled for.

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