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A Beginners Guide To Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is an ancient art. Long ago, horses were used for transportation purposes, but today the usage of these mammals has become confined to recreation. The term ‘horseback riding’ is of American origin and is used to refer to the act of riding a horse by mounting its back.

If you are going for horse riding and are a little worried about it, then don’t be nervous. Here is your perfect guide to go horseback riding.

Beginners Guide to go Horseback Riding

A Beginners Guide To Horseback Riding
A Beginners Guide To Horseback Riding
  1. Wearing a horse riding gear: Safety is the first step in the process of riding a horse. It is essential to wear long pants, proper footwear, and a helmet. Avoid wearing scarves, purses or any other accessories that might get tangled with the saddle.
  2. Greeting the horse: Greeting the horse is a must-do thing. Greeting a horse to establish a healthy relationship can help beginners in controlling a horse at their will. Extending one’s hand and allowing the horse to touch the hand with its nose can be interpreted as a gesture to ask for permission to mount the horse.
  3. Mounting the horse: If you are uneasy about your first riding experience, don’t worry and try mounting the horse with confidence. Mount the horse only when it is at rest. Do not push the horseback or put your entire body weight on it.
  4. Straight and relaxed posture: Maintaining a perfect posture is the one thing you need to keep in mind once you’ve mounted a horse. Simply sit straight, keep your back upright, and do not slouch.
  5. Be gentle with the reins: One may choose different styles of riding, but irrespective of the form of riding, keep your arms relaxed and be gentle with the reins.
  6. Dismounting the horse: Once you have finished riding the horse, dismount the horse gently by moving both legs over the stirrups. Finally, dismount only when the horse is at rest.

Benefits Of Horseback Riding

A Beginners Guide To Horseback Riding
A Beginners Guide To Horseback Riding

Although Horseback riding is a recreational sport, it also offers a wide variety of advantages to the rider. They are as follows:

  1. Physical health – Horseback riding is a physically exhausting sport. It stabilizes the core muscles, abdomen, pelvic region, etc.
  2. Co-ordination – Co-ordination is an important aspect of riding a horse. Riding improves the control and coordination of the human body. There are various riding programs for differently-abled to help develop better coordination.
  3. Mental Health – Riding is found to have healing effects on the mental health of riders. The peace of mind that comes after a ride is soothing.


The adventurousness that comes with riding a horse offers freedom, amazedness, and enthralling experience. If you are a beginner and plan to go on your first Horseback ride, make sure to follow all the above-mentioned steps to enjoy an adventurous riding experience. Whatever be your style of riding, make sure to be gentle of the horse.

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